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Relaxing To Write

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

My husband made a comment about not having any clarity when the house is out of order. I've never paid it any attention until he said that. The kids were more loud than usual. My husband was very irritable. I, myself had an attitude as well. I thought it was because my husband had an attitude, so I assumed. When he is annoyed it really jumps on to me , changes my whole vibe and vice versa. As soon as we got our household back in order, it was like all my senses were opened up. I see now, that's why I was having writers block. When there is no structure my mind wanders.

One other way that I am about to try is "Sage" also known as "Smudging" I have read up on it and I have seen some good reviews. A lot of people claim that it helps cleanse or remove bad energy. Others have said it's good for your health. Claiming it keeps infectious bacteria, viruses, and etc. away. I personally feel like if it can help me with my mood overall, then that will also help out with stress. I am also going to use this method for when I meditate at night. Another way I relax is by listening to music. I cant use the little earbuds you place in your ears. They have to be the headphones that go over your ears. They block out the noise better for me. Plus, I have tiny ears. The music guides my words to the paper or onto the laptop. They flow better if you ask me. Everyone knows that music can set the entire evening for someone. If I want a calm setting, Jaz music will do it for me. If I'm looking for a sexy type of night, I might lean towards the 90s R&B.(That's just me.)

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