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How can the word FRIEND hold so much weight? Some FRIENDS turn into FAMILY. At that point you're suppose to be loyal till death. Yeah I'm extra but that's how I come behind the ones I love.

Growing up I didn't like my friends calling my grandma their grandma because THAT WASNT THEIR GRANDMA, but once you became MY SISTER/ FAMILY. Granny it was. So, as an adult most of my friends have been that since I was 14. Of course some became family and those are the ones that get held at a much more higher standard. I expect FUCK SHIT from them other people but not out of these people. I believe I am a GOOD FUCKING FRIEND! I'm loyal, honest and real. The list goes on lol So I expect my circle to be the same.

I had a girl I claimed as my sister. Became friends in the 6th grade. Lost touch here and there but when we found each other again nothing had changed. We married into the same family to be honest. Long story short, he said she said took place. I had my wrongs in the situation and so did she but nothing we couldn't come back from until she said "YOU'RE CANCER" That stuck with me for a while because I had done a lot for her. I had been there for her. When it really counted the most. Even after that we linked one last time and it wasn't the same. Words from the mouth of a person you love hit different when those words are ill intent.

I say this all because only certain people can get under my skin. I hate that about me sometimes. I lost one of my best friends. Not to death but I guess we grew apart. Losing a friend/sister as an adult hit way different than losing a friend as a child.

Now we are all scattered missing important events in our kids lives. Like how does that make sense? Who would have thought one persons choices would destroy the whole FAMILY?

Sorry y'all I just wanted to vent.

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