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The feeling of loss

The feeling I get when I think of my Uncle Raymond and Cousin Latajah, words couldn't express it. Both were taken too soon and by senseless gun violence. I am a proud gun owner and my children will probably be unless they choose otherwise, but what I'm getting to is that GUNS aren't the issue. It's the people with access to them. My cousin and I got to have a conversation last year about doing better and we didn't get to make good on our commitment. I got to see my Uncle December of last year and you could feel the love when you entered the house. I wish I could have that feeling back but it's not the same without him there. Taking it one day at a time because not every day do I feel pain. Some days it's PURE joy and I get to update him on what's going on. My UNCLE and COUSIN were BIG STEPPAS over family and the way there were TAKEN from us was not supposed to happened.


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