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Deep Within

Deep Within

We all have an inner voice. Some of us have inner individuals, bursting to come to the light. Kecia Tillman, one of many products of Franklin County Children Services. Had odds stacked against her since she took her first breath. Her Parents were labeled criminals and the people who raised her were liars. Thinking life could only get better after aging out of the system. 

Things take a turn for the worse after Kecia graduates from Columbus State Community College and goes on a celebratory trip to Las Vegas. 

There she meets Dominic Greene. A handsome club promoter with some issues of his own. Who quickly finds out he isn’t the only one battling inner demons.

  A lot of people miss the signs or ignore the signs altogether when it comes to mental health. No one wants a label plastered on their forehead, but what happens when the inner you tries to take 

control? How do you fight or give in when you are completely oblivious?

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